Election Goals/Issues

Marco Restaurant Alliance - Restaurants of Marco TogetherDuring the past several years there has been a great deal of dissention on City Council causing a loss of focus on its mission. Council has gone adrift attempting to respond to one crisis after another. This has resulted in citizen mistrust. Some employees have been harassed and treated publicly with disrespect. This has created job insecurity and employee dissatisfaction resulting in staff loss.

My primary goal is to restore confidence and trust in City Council and City Government by making common sense decisions and working with integrity.

  • Our first job is to hire a City Manager with a proven history of successfully managing City government.
  • Next, we must improve the working environment for our City employees so that they can do their jobs efficiently and without fear.
  • We send millions of tax dollars to Collier County and get very little in return. My objective is to negotiate with the County to have more of those dollars return to Marco Island for our citizens’ benefit.
  • Our waterways and beaches are the bedrocks of our community. We must have cleaner, safer water and protect our precious wildlife.
  • Finally, we must maintain this unique island community that we came here to enjoy, and manage future improvements and developments in a careful orderly manner to the benefit all citizens.

To Restore Confidence and Trust

Elect Jerry Swiacki to Marco Island City Council