LTE submitted by Nick Varro, Fire Fighter/Paramedic, Marco Island

I am writing in support of city council candidate, Dr. Jerry Swiacki. As a former resident of Marco Island (now living on Capri) and member of the Marco Island Fire Department, I have seen a lot of transition in the city government over the last few years. It seems that . . . More>>


Coastal Breeze LTE September 26, 2018: A Concerned Citizen, by Dr. Carlos Portu, by Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee Chair

Below is a copy of a letter that Dr. Carlos Portu, PRAC Chairman, sent to a citizen who had emailed the Marco Island City Council regarding a recent email chain being circulated by a “Concerned Marco Island Citizen.”

First off, thank you for taking the time to email city council regarding Veterans Community Park. As Chairman of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee- I can tell you that PRAC has spent the last three years conducting an exhaustive public input process and we place the utmost importance in the feedback from our fellow citizens. 

I too received the same email that you did from a “Concerned Marco Island Citizen” regarding some sort of nefarious plot  . . . More>>


Coastal Breeze LTE September 25, 2018: Keyboard Commandos, by Jerry Swiacki

Many people have received negative emails about me. These emails were sent from the same “Keyboard Commandos” that sent thousands of emails during the 2016 City Council campaign to prevent me from getting elected. They succeeded. I ask you: “How well has this dysfunctional Council worked for Marco Island?”

You may have seen . . . More>>


Coastal Breeze LTE: Dr. Jerry Swiacki for City Council

In the 45 years I’ve worked as a general surgeon, I’ve learned that one of the first objectives you have to accomplish with a patient and a family is to establish a bond of trust . . . More >>


Coastal Breeze & Marco Eagle News 8/7/18 LTE: Quality Candidates by Keith Dameron

The candidacy of Jim Richards and Jerry Swiacki for Marco Island City Council proves me wrong! I had come to believe . . . More>>


To Restore Confidence and Trust

Elect Jerry Swiacki to Marco Island City Council